Avoiding Lower Back Pain While Running

Running is an excellent exercise that contributes to cardio and circulatory fitness. It can be done by any age group without the need for a gym or health club membership and the cost for equipment is minimal. Running has been well documented as a weight bearing exercise that improves bone density and helps to prevent osteoporosis. Unfortunately, running and back pain may be mentioned in the same sentence more often than it should be.

Back Pain Problems for Runners in Fremont

Most back pain associated with running is muscular in nature. This can be due to the following: over-training, pushing too hard without proper conditioning, competing in races without adequate preparation, poor running technique, improperly fitting shoes, poor quality shoes that provide inadequate support or constantly running on cement or asphalt instead of softer surfaces.

Muscle pain due to a strain of the muscles can be treated conservatively with ice applied within the first 48 hours and then switching to moist heat, whirlpools or contrast baths. Stretching and massage can also be helpful. To prevent strains and pulls it is important to stretch before and after running. Having a strong core is also crucial. Be sure to include crunches, push-ups, plank exercises and lunges to your routine. Since your feet are taking a pounding with running, it is critical to have good quality, correct fitting shoes. Specialty shoe stores that cater to runners will provide much better service including gait analysis in helping to find the right shoe for you and your ability.

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If you are feeling severe lower back pain, leg pain or numbness in the leg or foot, you may be suffering from an injury to the disc in your back. This may require chiropractic care in Fremont. In the case of disc herniation or degeneration of the disc due to spinal arthritis, spinal decompression has been found to be helpful as well.

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