Are You Really Happy?

I have noticed more and more articles in the newspaper, in magazines, on the internet or in the news regarding happiness. There are even organizations researching our state of happiness and how happiness can be achieved. With so much effort being expended to understand happiness you would think happiness is a difficult state to achieve. What do you think? Are you really happy? Learn more about happiness from our Fremont chiropractor, Dr. Jesse Allen.

What Is Happiness?

First of all the Webster’s dictionary defines happiness as enjoying, displaying or characterized by joy or pleasure. What’s interesting about this definition is it does not state anything about achieving goals, having material wealth or satisfying societal notions or expectations about success.

Much has already been written about people who have material wealth but are not happy. It’s like buying a new car, at first it’s pretty exciting, but it doesn’t take long before the novelty wears off and the excitement level falls off. Having lots of “things” has never been a good substitute for having loving/caring relationships, doing service for others, or expressing yourself through play or creative activities. It is very easy to fall into the rut of working the “9 to 5” until you retire and then maybe you actually decide to do what makes you happy. The problem with this strategy is that by the time you are 65 or older there may be a lot of activities that you can’t enjoy due to poor health, the aging process or fear of trying something new and different. Unfortunately, we can never get back the time that has passed. Perhaps we need to follow a different paradigm where the pursuit of happiness is a part of our daily activities.

Anne Frank said, “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” I believe our happiness can make our family happier, which makes our community happier, which makes our state happier, which ultimately makes our nation happier. Finding happiness also makes us much healthier. When people are happy the immune and digestive systems work better and there is less need for taking medication on an ongoing basis. Try it out for the New Year. Make it a point to do something each day that makes you feel happy. If you want some information or a resource on how to go about bringing happiness into your life, contact the Happiness Institute in San Francisco.

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