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Client Testimonials

Johnnie D.

I came to Dr. Jesse Allen after I was hit by a car. The day I was hit caused enormous injury to my back. I could not sit, sleep, or do any of my regular routine. I was recommended to Dr. Allen by the Berg Law Firm and I will tell you; this was the best day of my life. By the third visit the pains in my back were gone. It felt so good to not have that pain; I can't begin to tell you how good I felt. This was the happiest day of my life.So if you want to get rid of your back pains, toss our your medications, get back to your normal life and normal activities. Please pick up the phone now and make your appointment and go see Dr. Allen.

*Results may vary per person

Karina G.

I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Allen! I look forward to driving from Oakland to recieve quality care; my back is work it! Dr. Allen cares about his patients and he is truly healing- I'm grateful to have found someone who listens and takes the time to get to know his patients. For years, I've had on and off pain that can progress to acute pain that makes it difficult for me to sit, stand and walk but for the first time, I feel healthier.

*Results may vary per person

Susan Smith, PhD

As a long time patient of Dr. Allen, I would not trust my body and it’s chiropractic care to anyone else. Dr. Allen is not just a chiropractor, he is healer. He is competent, caring, and listens to what you have to say and to what your body needs. I have consistently referred my patients in need of chiropractic care to Dr. Allen and will continue to do so. He is a great doctor. Thank you Dr.Allen.

*Results may vary per person

Julia Chu

I had back pain for more than half a year. It was very hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. I bought a new firm mattress just to make sure and hoped that would make the pain go away, but it just got worse. Finally I found Dr. Allen from a daughter’s friend’s parents, who had a good experience and got better with their problems. I decided to give it a try and within five weeks the pain was gone and I can sleep like a baby again. After that, I referred others including my husband, who recently hurt his lower back and also had great results. I just want to thank Dr. Allen again for all the help, treatment, professionalism, and courtesy.

*Results may vary per person

Keith Burnett

My name is Keith Burnett, and I have benefited in several occasions from treatment by Dr. Jesse Allen. I have known Dr. Allen for about fifteen years now, ever since his son Enrique played on the boys' soccer team I coached. At the time, Dr. Allen explained the value of regular adjustments, so I came in with my wife for an assessment and had him "ring my neck" and "crack my back." My wife became a regular, and I subsequently came in for treatment for a lower back strain and later, for a mild whiplash, following a car accident. Recently, I needed treatment for lower back pain due to a nasty fall while cross-country skiing. On all three of the above occasions, my regular doctors basically suggested ibuprofen and rest, which I found ineffective. I have also seen Dr. All for soft orthotics to combat plantar fasciitis. On the occasion of my lower back strain, which was quite severe, Dr. Allen actually came by my house once to help me on his way home (not that house calls are normally part of the service). But his treatment has always been friendly and helpful (and he will happily fill you in on his family members if you ask). The staff in the office has always been friendly and accommodating, and the treatment has been effective. As a result, my wife and I have recommended Dr. Allen's practice to others on several occasions.

*Results may vary per person

Paul S. Bostaph

I injured my back some years ago lifting a TV set. The next morning I woke up, my back was severely injured. I felt like I had a broken back. I remember my brother always talked about how great his chiropractor was, Dr.Allen, so I cam here. I couldn't work, play drums, or play sports. Every part of my daily life was affected. This first visit, I got an examination and adjustment. Dr. Allen told me I had a subluxation of my spine. After my first adjustment, I felt way better. I stayed the course of my treatment and returned back to normal life. I always come back here to Dr.Allen. He does a great job with my back and definitely gives great advice on health. Anybody else who had the same problem as me I’d tell them to go to Dr. Allen first!

*Results may vary per person

Pat Christenson

I was first introduced to chiropractic care when I lived in New York and had injured my back. When I moved to California, I was very concerned about finding a good chiropractor. I tried a couple of others before going to Dr. Allen and I’ve been with him ever since. He’s treated me for injuries from car accidents and overdoing it at the gym, as well as sciatica and neck pain. Dr. Allen came to my rescue when I threw out my back. I was scheduled to teach a computer class that week and I could barely walk. I called Dr. Allen and he treated me at his home that day. If not for him, I would have had to cancel the class. When I started working with a personal trainer, I had some back pain after a few weeks, mostly like due to not warming up enough. I had never been active and it seemed like every time I tried to be more active, I ended up getting hurt. I felt pretty discouraged. While treating me for that injury, Dr.Allen said, “Remember this is just a setback, It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise.” It was exactly the sort of encouragement I needed and helped me keep going. Now I’m a regular at the gym! Dr. Allen and his staff are always friendly and I appreciate their flexibility with scheduling. In fact, I've never seen any of the staff in a bad mood or found them to be less than helpful. It says a lot about a business when all the employees seem happy to be there.

*Results may vary per person

Paul Lovo

Miracles happen... almost ten years ago my life has changed since I met Dr. Jesse Allen as my chiropractor. A trusting person to deal with especially for my back problem. My life turned around after I met him since I was schedule for back surgery. After months of being treated by Dr. Allen, I have to cancel my back surgery. My warmest thank you and I really appreciate all the encouragement of being treated. I highly recommend Dr. Jesse Allen as a trusted and knowledgeable chiropractor to family and friends.

*Results may vary per person

Kimberly Rodriguez

After my car accident Dr.Allen and team worked diligently toward getting my body back into shape. Although my accident was rather minor, the pain and discomfort were not. Thankfully in a matter of days I was without constant pain and on my way to recovery. I now have full range of motion and I'm very happy about the process of my treatment; thanks to Dr. Allen and his team.

*Results may vary per person

Barbara Smith

Thank you so much for your tender care! Since I have come to your practice my reoccurring whip lash main has not flared up in months. I would highly recommend your services because of your professionalism and very capable staff. I feel that I’m finally in good hands and I'm very please that I found you.

*Results may vary per person

Johnnie Dumas

I came to Dr. Jesse Allen after I was hit by a car. The day that I was hit caused enormous injury to my back. I could not sit, sleep, or do any of my regular routine, which include something as simple as being able to walk. I was a patient at Kaiser after the accident and kept complaining about my back, so I was give medication for my pain. One of the drugs was Phenazopyridine for pain but this failed to solve my problem, and I was still in severe paint. So I went back to my doctor at Kaiser and informed my doctor that my back felt as if it slipped out of a socket that it was suppose to be in. The pain was like a toothache. It hurt so bad I couldn't tell where the pain were. I was given another appointment and on this visit I was give Diazepam which is a muscle spasm medication. Once again with the medication it would only ease the paint, but without and with the medication I was right back where I started, in severe pain. I was recommended to Doctor Allen by Berg Law firm and I will tell you; this was the best day of my life. The first day I came into the office my first statement was; please don’t touch my back. My first question was; do you have to touch my back? I did not want anyone to touch my back due to the severe pain that I felt. Well Dr. Allen is such a professional and knew precisely what to do. The first two visits was back therapy with the machines which put me at ease. But the third visit was on the couch and I was in Dr. Allen’s hand. I don't know what happen, but he snapped my back into that slot. It was so painful and such a surprise that I released this loud scream. But afterward; the pain in my back were gone within the next ten minutes. It felt so good not to have that pain; I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt. This was the happiest day of my life. So if you want to get rid of your back pains, toss out your medication, get back to your normal life and normal activities, please pick up the phone now and make your appointment and go see Dr. Allen. I fell in love with this doctor and I would recommend him for all your back pains. He is my hero and he could be yours also. I have told all my friends and relatives about Dr. Allen and his wonderful staff members. The medical office personnel have a personality that you would fall in love with. They are all willing to go that extra mile to make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Since I now have a back injury that will be with me for the rest of my life; I realize that I will have to very careful now with my activities or my back could easy suffer more paints. But now I know that I don't have to live day by day suffering and popping pills. It is a blessing to know that Dr. Allen and his staff are only a phone call away. I will always be grateful to him and his staff. So for all my back problems in the future, this will my first and only choice to solve all my pain and suffering.

*Results may vary per person


I developed CTS carpal tunnel syndrome when I was pregnant. The doc said it will go away after delivery. But it became so severe that I had 24 hour numbness, tingling and pain. Then I went for a nerve conduction test and the doctor there asked me if I would consider operation an option. I insisted to see a chiropractor. I am very glad that I chose Dr. Allen to fix my problem. Within three visits my numbness was reduced and after a month and a half I am able to do a lot of household chores that I thought would be impossible with my hand condition. I would recommend Dr. Allen to anybody who has CTS and is suffering like I did. Please see him first and then only if needed consider a surgery. Which I am 100% sure, he will fix the problem and you will never opt for surgery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also the office is a kid friendly place. My daughter wakes up early morning to come here.

*Results may vary per person

Lisa Parker

I have suffered from migraines for about 10 years. A friend told me about Dr. Allen and the possibilities of having no migraines and living a healthy life. I thought I have nothing to lose but those awful headaches. The thought of being able to care for my children and them being able to rely on me was something I couldn’t let slip by. I have been coming to Dr. Allen for awhile and I can honestly say that I have not suffered a single migraine yet. My children can’t believe it either. When they see me lying down their thoughts used to be “mom is sick again” but now I can say it’s because I’m tired or just plain lazy. I am now an advocate of Dr. Allen’s methods and I’m trying to convince my co-worker that coming here is her beginning to a new life. I thank Dr. Allen for giving me back my life and can be there for my family.

*Results may vary per person

Anthony Smith

My success story I believe is a real miracle. I suffered a severe neck injury, multiple herniated disks in my neck, two were “blown out”. The pain was unbearable and I could not function. Facing permanent disability even if I had surgery, and the lost the loss of my business and a normal life. That's when Dr.Allen stepped in. He offered me a surgery free alternative treatment. Through his treatment, advice, counseling, and the care and kindness of his staff, I am better now than I was before my injury. The frequent head and neck pain I suffered from in the past, is also gone. So i am quite confident that thanks to Dr. Jesse Allen, staff, and keeping up with regular maintenance visits, I can live a normal life. I highly recommend Fremont Back & Neck Pain Relief.

*Results may vary per person

Jon Levos

Where do I even begin. I have had back pain for almost 10 years. At first the pain was something I just tolerated. I assumed everyone had back pain and this would be apart of my life. Within the past year the pain became increasingly greater and within the past month it turned into an acute pain. Every time I looked down using my neck a sharp pain would shoot down my back; it became so bad my left arm would often begin to go numb. I finally conceded to the pain and decided to seek help. I knew I did not want to take any type of drugs or medications. The next logical assumption was to see a chiropractor. Dr. Allen has been a life saver. As each visit progressed the pain in my body began to lessen. I look forward to each visit because I knew how much better my health was becoming. I am now at the point where I no longer think about my back- because it does not hurt. Dr. Allen is a wonderful practitioner. He takes the time to listen and cares deeply about your health and well-being. His staff are always warm and welcoming. I love the fact they know you by name when you walk into the office. For anyone who is debating how to handle their health care, visiting a chiropractor is one of the best things you can do for yourself. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. I work in a stressful environment and I know having good health helps me in my job. Chiropractic care is something I will always use to maintain my health and well being. Thank you Dr. Allen.

*Results may vary per person

Samantha Dilling

When I was seventeen, I found out I had Scoliosis. I started seeing a chiropractor who said I had a 30 degree curve in my spine which was against my right lung. I did research on scoliosis and learned it causes trouble breathing, sleeping , mood swings, and of course back pain which were all symptoms I had been experiencing for quite some time. Occasionally one of my ribs would pop out of place and I stopped seeing my chiropractor who had been adjusting me for two and half years. About a year later, I began seeing a new chiropractor that I had been referred to by a family member because my back was hurting again. After ten months, I began to realize this chiropractor hurt me more than helped me. I stopped seeing her and started losing all hope of getting relief for my back. A little over a month ago, my friend referred me to Dr. Allen because my back was beginning to be unbearable. After a few weeks, my back didn’t hurt as bad. I still have some stiffness in my back every once in awhile but Dr. Allen has helped put movement in my back and the pain is now close to none.

*Results may vary per person

Alejandro Martinez

As an athlete, having a healthy body is important while playing sports. Dr. Allen helped me with my injuries and helped me get back on the field as quick as possible. Dr. Allen gave me the confidence that physical therapy would would work for me and it did. Before physical therapy I was having problems being healthy on the field and was having trouble avoiding injuries. Not only has the treatment of Dr. Allen restored my back, but it has led me to a healthier lifestyle overall. I am now able to play soccer at one hundred percent. Physical therapy worked for me and it can do wonders for others as well. Thanks to Dr. Allen's treatment I am back on the field feeling better than ever playing the game I love.

*Results may vary per person

Armando Mattos

Dr. Allen has done an excellent job. He has improved my tennis game. I may take up other sports since I am feeling so good (sports that I haven't played in many years). My neck and spine are finally adjusted properly. God willing there will not be any more sports injury. But I am not worried if they do happen. Dr. Allen will fix it! Thank you for all the wonderful care from everyone in your office.

*Results may vary per person

Jason Gallegos

I’m an athlete. I came here cause I was having back problems and it was affecting the way i play. So I came here to get adjusted and every day my performance in practice and in the games have been a lot better. My back and shoulders have been getting stronger and I could move a lot quicker. Now I don’t have to crack my back or neck during games or practices, it feels like it already is done. Now I play a lot better.

*Results may vary per person

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